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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eli's Little Man Bow Tie Bash

I can't believe my little man is one year old! Everyone says how fast time flies when you have kids and it is so true. It's amazing what a life change it is and how much fun I have had watching him grow up. We sure are enamored :) 

I had been drawn to bow ties from the beginning, and E totally rocked them. So I was so excited to get some inspiration from Pinterest for a "bow tie bash". Here are some of the details. ( I apologize for the strange formatting. I am still trying to figure out the best way to organize pictures on here.)

The dessert table. I hung a sheet behind. Probably should have
hung another so you couldn't see the windows.
The birthday banner was from party city. The bow tie
banner I made from an Etsy download. The flag bunting
and circle banner are also from Etsy. I plan to use both
to decorate his room.

This was one of my favorite details. I used frappuccino bottles
and taped on paper bow ties. The straws are from Target.
I am so happy with how the cake turned out. Here is
the tutorial on how to bake the cake. I love that it was enough batter for two small cakes. I used
bamboo skewers for the banner and cut out
flags to glue on. 
I really love the look of the chalkboard signs but have
horrible "chalk writing". I saw this tutorial on Pinterest
to use a black foam board and metallic pens. So much
cheaper and easier! 

I found this great clothespin garland at Target which was perfect for displaying his monthly pictures. I took a picture in the same frame for each month.
This candle I found in the clearance bin
at Williams and Sonoma!

I decorated with bow ties my friend Rachel made for Eli.
You can find her Etsy shop here.

Bow ties to color for the kiddos. 
Personal veggie dips for everyone. 

Quick picture of my dad reading to Eli. LOVE this. 

The birthday boy! Onesie and snap on tie
from Etsy.

This was the most he had walked. Little boy loved
all the attention!

"Ok now catch me!"

A great illustration of expectation vs reality. I really wanted a picture of him
holding a balloon sitting or standing next to his sign. Wasn't going to happen.
They weren't perfect but I was impressed
how they turned out. Great tutorial here.

This punch was so good! Two liters of lemon/lime soda
half a carton of pomegranate juice, little bit of sugar,
oranges and mint.

"Are these for me?"

Even his buddies "suited up"

Love these girls, they were having a "sleepover"

Cake time!

Not afraid to jump in

now what...

"dad help me out here"

Everyone cheered when he tasted it
and startled him

 All pictures by: This is The Day Photography